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Are you a property owner in the Silver Coast?

Need a Property Management company to take care
of your home?

Cenário Atlântico can provide this service.

We understand that when buying a property in Portugal you want to be assured that it will be looked after by someone which you can trust. At Cenário Atlântico you’ll receive the finest possible attention and excellent customer service. Because we understand that every owner uses his property differently, we offer different management packages to suit every need.

If you own a property in the Silver Coast and are looking for a reliable management company, you've found it!

See what our essential home care management services include:

  • Weekly Property Inspection (when the property is unoccupied) checking all areas of the property;
  • Check that all light and water supply points are working ;
  • Check that all electrical equipment and domestic appliances are in working condition;
  • Check alarm systems;
  • Empty dehumidifiers (if applicable)
  • Check post box and organize payments and filling for you.
  • Our office makes sure the monthly administration is paid on time including all your bills such as utilities, taxes, insurance, telephone, internet etc.
  • Regular visits to check your home
  • Verify and pay bills including telephone, electricity, water and gas, house insurance, alarms and any other relevant bills
  • Assure that gas bottles which we ensure are delivered on time.
  • Annual payment of Property Tax
  • If you have an alarm fitted we’ll liaise with the security company if needed or install one.
  • We'll keep you informed of any changes to your property or any legal situations arising
  • If there's ever a problem, for example power cuts, flooding, wrong billing or equipment failure, we'll resolve it as quickly as possible

Our maintenance team provides immediate response to all maintenance requirements and deal with any work necessary, big or small, from replacing a simple tap to the entire plumbing system.  We work with a team of local Portuguese tradesmen and ensure that work is done to a high standard!
Annual Property Management Fees:
Prices include our administrative cost, all weekly or bimonthly inspections.

We understand that some home-owners do not wish weekly visits, therefore we offer bimonthly inspections.
Our rates are very competitive depending on the service and distance.
Additional Services:

Cleaning and Laundry Services: Cleaning is charged per hour. Laundry is taken to the laundry and charged by the kilo. We also rent out the property for you and take care of all the admin work.
Please contact us for further details
Management Team



We also offer rental services for those who wish to let their holiday home on the Silver Coast. We work non exclusively, therefore you are free to rent as well, therefore, making the most income from your home.

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