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Costa Verde

Like its name suggests, you can expect all shades of green in this region, mountains and fertile valleys, where agriculture thrives due to heavy rainfall that makes this the greenest zone in Portugal. A coastline of unpolluted beaches welcomes the Atlantic Ocean, while visitors also enjoy the countryside, with its small farms, estates with splendid mansions that have been handed down within families for centuries, vineyards and forests of pines or oaks.
The food is considered to be one of the country's best: from the most varied forms of cooking cod to apparently odd dishes, like tripas à moda do Porto (stewed tripes with beans) or rojões (where cumin is used to spice pork cooked in wine and garlic), not to speak of the wines and desserts. The main cities:

Braga (with its barroque churches, parks and the extraordinary flight of stairs of Bom Jesus)

Guimarães (celebrated, with its ancient castle, as the birthplace of the nation),

Viana do Castelo (with opulent mansions built in Renaissance and Baroque styles and breathtaking views), and, of course

Oporto,  the second largest portuguese city, with its 19th century architectural atmosphere and the boast of giving name to the Port Wine.

Still in this area, don't miss the National Park of Peneda-Gerês, with its wild, dramatic scenery and a rich variety of flora and fauna.


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